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Selina Gray | Team Headshots Edmonton

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Team Headshots Edmonton

Team Headshots Edmonton

It was so fun photographing team headshots in downtown Edmonton for Team Gray. Team Gray, led by my coach Selina Gray, has been in my life for nearly two years! They are a powerhouse trio and we wanted to show their fun and fierce side. Formerly Team Moneyboss, Selina is undergoing a huge rebrand and transformation in her business. So she needed new images to reflect this change! Changing any aspect of your visual brand is something that happens to all businesses at some point. And when that happens, you need to make sure your images (and all visual elements) are consistent and align with your new brand!

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Modern Headshots Edmonton

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Personal Branding Edmonton

Team Headshots Edmonton

Team Headshots Edmonton

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Team Headshots Edmonton

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Team Headshots Edmonton

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Loved Team Gray’s Team Headshots in Edmonton? A little bit more about the amazing Selina from her website:

“For most of my life, I had an obsession with money & numbers (and NOT in a good way)

There was no stopping my pursuit to be fabulously wealthy:

I was a firm believer in the hustle. I got my CPA designation & I worked 120 hour work weeks across 12 countries, with a team of 30 finance ninjas.

I regularly told myself that once I amassed the perfect number to be “rich”, then I was free to take a pause & find out what made me happy outside of work

I was ALWAYS choosing work above friends & family…

I was ALWAYS buying luxury brands to fill my love tank…

My life was centered around praise… power… and money.

BUT then I started feeling sick. And I ignored it. I was busy working & achieving.

In 2011, I ended up with a lengthy hospital stay, blood transfusions & an auto-immune diagnosis.

My life changed forever.

It was my wake-up call- to find my highest self.

Today I’m a proud student of conscious wealth. As a Financial Empowerment Coach, I have dedicated my life to helping others free their money shame & create richness from the inside out.

Money is more than numbers. Money is energy. And you have the power to choose a new way.

You deserve to live in abundance & craft a life of your wildest dreams.

I believe in you and I believe you can do this.

I know this because I have helped thousands of amazing humans change their money story, to see their limitless potential.

To feel confident, empowered, and say “yes!” to their best life by healing their relationship with money.”

All photographs were captured at Stanley A. Milner Library in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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