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Edmonton Branding Portrait Photographer

Edmonton Branding Portrait Photographer

It’s always such an honor being Tracy’s Edmonton Branding Portrait Photographer! I’ve been doing a lot of simple portraits lately with not a lot of props and absolutely lovely. There’s something about classic portraiture that will always be so beautiful!

Edmonton photographer

Personal brand photographer Edmonton

Edmonton Branding Portrait Photographer

Personal branding Edmonton

Edmonton Branding Portrait Photographer

Headshot photography Edmonton

Brand photos Edmonton

Edmonton Branding Portrait Photographer

Loved Tracy’s Edmonton Branding Portrait Photographer session? More on Tracy here from her website:

“Tracy has spent over a decade immersed in learning, teaching and doing her own ‘work’ to now has come to a place where she can fully support you in your own journey of self-discovery, growth, transformation and healing.

Tracy has studied human anatomy and physiology, yogic philosophy, energy medicine, Reiki, Meditation & Mindfulness, the Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction, and Spiritual Response Therapy. She has walked and will continue to walk a path of integrative healing, spirituality, and transformation for herself. And here is what she has learned:

Healing and wellness is not just of the physical nature. In fact, what we often interpret as physical symptoms or disease has a much deeper ‘root’ seeded within the body. Energetic and emotional blocks, limiting belief systems, old paradigms, past emotional programming and traumas can have a big impact on the physical body; as well as the mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies.

Tracy has witnessed firsthand with her clients how all of these systems are interconnected, influenced and deeply rooted within us. And Tracy is so excited to share with you what she has learned and experienced – to support and guide you through the necessary steps that you will need to take on your own journey back home to yourself and to creating a life that you love and deserve!”

All photographs were captured at The Ellis in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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