Yes, I see you

It's time to stop
playing small

And you know how I can tell you’re ready to up-level? Because we all are. We’ve been toning it down, trying to fit in, play by the rules… and that isn’t helping anyone. Which is why I’m on a mission to get you to start showing up in a bigger, bolder, YOU-ier way.

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Oops, I guess I should introduce myself.

Hey friend. I’m Christina, a personal branding photographer in Edmonton. And when it comes to women entrepreneurs owning their awesome, I tend to get on my soapbox.

See, I believe that we’re all on a mission to change the world in some way. Mine is to help women like you show up confidently as the face of your brand so you attract your dream clients, have a bigger impact, and get paid to do what you’re so damn good at.

While my official title might be branding photographer, the way I work with you goes way beyond snapping photos while you pose. I want to get to the core of why you do what you do. Capture your essence, communicate your value and show off your personality.

You are your brand

Which is why I’m not going to settle for you hiding behind stock images and cute quotes on Instagram. You need to show your face and brand yourself like the boss you are. And between my personal branding photoshoots, headshots, and visual branding mentorships, I’m going to make sure your visual brand is on point and that you adore everything about it. And that goes double for you camera-shy gals out there. I see you!


Christina made this experience more than enjoyable... she made me believe in myself and I felt beautiful the whole time.


I felt like you captured my personality... which is exactly what I wanted - not just some boring ole headshots

Her friendly demeanor and helpful guidance with how to pose helped me loosen up and let the true essence of what I wanted to capture shine through.


You probably want to know a bit more about me though, right?

I figured! So I’ve been working as a self-employed photographer since 2006, and it’s been my full time gig for the last nine years. As one of the pioneers and leaders in the Edmonton, Alberta area for brand photography, I’ve definitely appreciated the referrals, reputation and results that have led to this truly awesome business I get to run. It’s been an honour.

What you’ll hear from my clients is that they can tell I care… which makes me do a little happy dance. Because I really do!

They may also mention that I’m a perfectionist (or borderline bossy). And yes, it’s true – but only because I care so damn much about making you and your brand look AMAZING. So the way I like to see it is that I’m a “control enthusiast”. It means that I’m going to be paying attention to the smallest of details so that you look and feel your absolute best during the photoshoot which will mean the photos have that wow factor you hired me to capture.

Top: Gracie, my child. Left: my obsession for cute shoes (and all things yellow) is real. Right: If you're not having fun, you aren't doing it right.




Not only do I not drink coffee, but I hate the taste of it. #teaformeplease


My face gives everything away. You'll always know what I'm thinking. 😝


I talk to my dog like she'll respond. (She never does) #crazydogowner


I'll always have multiple browser windows open with multiple tabs. Always.

Here's the deal

Feel free to go check out my portfolio if you haven’t done that already, or if you’re already convinced it’s time to take your brand to the next level, let’s talk. Send me a message telling me about what you’re wanting and we will make magic happen!



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