If you’re option B, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

When you're juggling 173 different tasks each day as an entrepreneur, it's not that easy to maintain the perfect Instagram feed or make sure your website, business card and brochures all look a million bucks. Whether it's a lack of time, total confusion or general overwhelm getting in the way, sometimes your visual branding can get neglected. But that's where I come in.

As a visual branding photographer and educator, I’m here to help you…

…All so you can start owning your boss status and increasing that cash flow! 🙌🏻 


Develop a visual brand that makes you stand out, attracts your dream clients and truly embraces everything that makes you special


Learn how to show up on camera and online with your head held high (even if the thought of being on camera terrifies you)


Create visual consistency with your brand identity so you build trust with your audience and look professional AF

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First impressions are a big deal

Think about how quickly you decide whether to follow someone on Instagram after seeing their feed, or if you’ll hit the back button after landing on their site. As much as we try not to, we base a lot of our decisions on what we see. That’s why I want to make sure the impression you’re giving your potential clients is the right one. The kind that makes them go, “WOW - I need to learn more!”

How confident are you that you’re doing that right now?


Making pretty sh*t is kinda my jam

But it’s not about making pretty stuff for pretty’s sake. I truly believe that when you have a gorgeous brand that embodies your personality and communicates your value, you’re more likely to attract your dream clients that want to pay you what you’re worth.

Whether it’s that perfect brand photo that shines a spotlight on all of that unique awesomeness you’ve been hiding, or designing a cohesive Instagram aesthetic that helps your followers know who’s posting even before they see your name… I’m here to help.


Oh, alright. It’s a full-blown obsession.

Oh, hey!
I'm Christina

"I feel like you captured my personality... which is exactly what I wanted - not just some boring ole headshots."

"I just love your work and how you took the visions in my head and created exactly what I wanted. You were so fun to work with and I feel like you captured my personality... which is exactly what I wanted - not just some boring ole headshots.
Everyone in business should have a branding experience with you!!"


Here's how we can work together

Visual Brand Mentorship

Whether we spend 60 minutes together on a Brandspiration Session or 6 weeks in the 1-1 Visual Brand Intensive, you’ll level-up your visual brand without having to hire an expensive designer.

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Brand Photography

Whether you need the works, a quick top-up for your social feed, or a simple LinkedIn headshot, I’m here to make sure you look and feel incredible on camera so you walk away with images you adore.

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Digital Products + Courses

If you’re wanting to get better at posing in front of the camera and planning your photoshoot, I offer a variety of digital products to help you plan your best brand photoshoot yet without needing a huge budget or design skills!

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"Christina made the entire process not only painless, but wonderful and fun! I am so in love with my photos."

— Jaimie Ziprick

Is your Insta in desperate need of a makeover?

This guide contains 5 quick & simple tweaks to guarantee your IG makes your dream clients go "wow" and hit follow.


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Helping women in business create a kick-ass visual brand and get paid to do what they're                       

so damn good at.

Want to NOT feel awkward AF during your brand photoshoot?

This free guide contains my top five practical tips to help you look natural, confident and like YOU on camera.

(Even if it’s your first photoshoot or you don't feel photogenic).

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