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Professional Headshots Edmonton

Professional Headshots Edmonton

It is always a pleasure working with Michelle capturing her professional headshots in Edmonton, and this photo shoot was one of my favorites!! Okay, I think all of them are my favorite. 😉 Michelle has created a very successful coaching business in a short amount of time!

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Professional Headshots Edmonton

Professional Headshots Edmonton

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Professional Headshots Edmonton

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Professional Headshots Edmonton

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Here’s what Michelle said about her experience working with me: ​​

“My name is Michelle Mehta, and I am a mindfulness-based life coach and meditation teacher specializing in trauma recovery. I have had the great honor and privilege of working with Christina Louise over this past year. I signed up for her a year package that includes indoor and outdoor seasonal photoshoots, and I am in love with all of my photos, and with the Christina Louise branding experience. I came to Christina when I was just launching my coaching business I didn’t know what to expect with the photoshoots. I didn’t even know what story I wanted to convey with my pictures, or what vibe I wanted to evoke in people and Christina helped me with that, she had me covered. She gave me questionnaires, she invited me to create Pinterest boards and we talked about all of them. She helped me bring what was going on in my head, some of those thoughts that I had in my head into reality, and was able to weave together this gorgeous story, this gorgeous vibe through the photos that she took. I get complimented on them constantly. I’m really excited to share that I am actually at max capacity now with my business. I have a full coaching practice, and a large part of that is because of Christina Louise, and her photos which have brought just a level of professionalism and aesthetic appeal, and vibrational alignment to my brand. I am eternally grateful to her for her passion, her hard work, her skill, her talent, and I highly, highly recommend her. You cannot go wrong, working with Christina. Thanks, Christina, you are the best!”

To learn more about Michelle’s incredible story and her coaching services check out:

All photographs were captured at the Moth Cafe in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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