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Modern Headshots Edmonton

Modern Headshots Edmonton

It was such a pleasure capturing modern headshots in Edmonton, AB for these ladies! I had so much fun working with them. The shoot was filled with so many laughs!

The Roth Schroder team describes their brand as modern, confident, energetic, unique, sharp, and sleek. As a result, I did my best to capture just that! Meagan and Olami are amazing, unique, interesting individuals and really wanted to portray that in their headshots. In addition, Roth Schroder contrasts from the ‘typical’ bookkeepers and accountants and offers services that are super laid back. These two like to have fun, and do things differently!

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Modern Headshots Edmonton

Modern Headshots Edmonton

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A little bit more about Roth Schroder from their website:

“We built this firm on our terms and defined our own rules on how accounting and bookkeeping services should be. Offering expert advice, cloud-based and paperless solutions, we don’t just “do the books” we offer so much more. Our easy monthly bookkeeping process allows clients to focus on what they do best: run their business. We use a personalized, unique, and laid-back approach that has clients returning year after year for year-end and personal tax services. Our in-depth business knowledge has given us the ability to advise many clients on how to design their internal systems and processes. And, our experience as former CRA auditors has given us the exclusive ability to now help clients through a CRA audit (we’ve now overturned $1M in tax adjustments. No. Big. Deal). The best part is we do all the above while having fun! From community involvement to nerdy accounting outings with our team, we don’t just sit at desks punching numbers all day!”

All photographs were captured at The Ellis in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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