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Is personal branding photography narcissistic?

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Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography

Have you noticed that it seems people get all the likes and engagement on social just by posting pictures of what they ate for lunch, what shoes they wore, and the highlights of their fabulously curated life? So, it got me thinking: is personal branding photography narcissistic??

Here’s the thing…

People really are interested in what you’re doing. They want to see your flaws and quirks and everyday life because that’s how we connect.

Share your silly side in your stories. Share your hobbies and things that you love. Share pictures of your dog or your outfit that day.

Personal Branding Photography

As long as you are also providing value and connecting on social media then it isn’t narcissistic at all.

It’s building a brand.
It’s building a connection.
It’s connecting on a personal level.

My most engaged posts on IG are consistently images of…. you guessed it… me!

In fact, one of the most commented posts on my IG is all about how I lost my motivation. It was real, honest, and relatable.

So the next time you’re going to post, remember that people want to connect to a real human being – so-called “flaws” and all.

Keep following your passion!

~ Christina

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