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Five Ways To Use One Brand Image

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Five Ways To Use One Brand Image


I know it’s easy to think of brand images as just one trick ponies, but there are actually several different ways you can use the same image. In fact, I’m going to share five ways to use one brand image!


From social media campaigns to websites and everything in between, we’ll explore five ingenious strategies to stretch the versatility of your brand image. Discover how a single powerful image can transcend boundaries and effortlessly connect with your customers on multiple levels.


Let’s dive in!


Five Ways To Use One Brand Image
1. Reels cover
Reels aren’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well jump on board – and keep it on brand! You can easily use Canva to add some text or blocks of colour to jazz it up.


use brand image in website banner
2. Website banner
This is the first place people land on your site, so make it memorable! Having a great image of your face looking at the camera is a perfect way to say “Hello!”


Five Ways To Use One Brand Image
3. IG profile

If you’re the face of your brand, you definitely need to have a profesh, clear pic of you as your profile image. Extra points if you remove the background and replace it with a solid colour that pops!

Five Ways To Use One Brand Image
4. Background Image
Either use the entire image, or zoom in on a small portion of the image, decrease the transparency and add some text overtop!


Five Ways To Use One Brand Image
5. IG post

Obviously you can use the image on its own, but you could also add a block of colour and some text!


Yep, even with just a few new images you have so many options on how (and where) to use them. It’s an investment that really does go a long way.


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