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5 Signs You Need To Update Your Brand Photos

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5 Signs You Need To Update Your Brand Photos

5 Signs You Need To Update Your Brand Photos

Ever find yourself wondering whether it’s time to refresh your personal brand photos? Look out for the signs that could indicate it’s time for an update, ensuring your images align with your current self and goals. Below, I share the 5 signs you need to update your brand photos and keep your images in sync with your journey.


1. You’re dreading posting to social
Every time you go to post on Instagram, do you think: “Oh no, here we go again… I’ve already posted this one”? Are your images are starting to feel stale and repetitive because you know people have seen these photos before? If in every photo you post you’re wearing that same outfit, that’s a clear sign it’s time for an update!


2. You’re sick of posting selfies
Are your images ALL selfies in terrible lighting? 😬 Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for selfies, however if the first impression someone gets of your visual brand is a photo of you cropped out of a group selfie with your BFFs at a wedding two years ago …. thaaat’s not a great first impression. If you’ve never even had a personal brand photoshoot before – it’s time!


3. They’re inconsistent
If you have pro images from the past few years but they’re all from different photographers, chances are they aren’t edited the same and look inconsistent. The way a photo is edited is a huge part of a visual brand and can change the tone and feel of an image. You really want your entire visual brand (images, words, colours, fonts, etc.) to look like it’s all from the same person telling the same story. You should find a photographer that fits your brand style, not the other way around.


4. They don’t look like you anymore
Have you changed up your hairstyle? Refreshed your wardrobe? Make sure who you are online looks like how you show up in person as well. If you regularly wear your hair in a high pony and rock those leggings with an oversized tee – own it! And get photographed just like that. Yes, you could do some pictures a bit more polished, but really embrace who you are and be authentic.


5. They don’t match your brand colours
Have you refreshed your brand since your last personal branding photoshoot? If you changed up your logo and brand colours, chances are they are a different vibe now, and you want to make sure your images match your visual brand vibe. Your images are just one part of the story, and all elements of your visual brand should be cohesive.


If there are any other questions you’d like me to answer regarding updating your personal brand photos, get in touch today!

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