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Business Brand Photography Edmonton

Business Brand Photography Edmonton

Jennifer is the lucky winner of the Instagram contest for a free mini branding session! I teamed up with Jess from Walking My Runway and Jess from True Beauty Makeup Artistry and together, along with Jennifer, we created magic!! (At least that’s my humble opinion 😉 ). Jennifer was incredibly trusting of all of us so we all got to play a little bit and think more outside the box during Jennifer’s branding photography session!

Jennifer is the beauty and the brains behind House of J – an interior design company based in Edmonton, Alberta. She is a creator, designer, and dreamer. Officially, she is in interior design consultant. If there’s an interior you want to make look great and be functional, definitely give her a call!

A little more about Jennifer from her site:

“I was born and raised in Edmonton. Growing up, I was the kid who gave my barbies beautifully decorated homes complete with water-filled ziploc bags for their water beds! As I teenager, I continually re-arranged my wallpaper of NKOTB pictures. My mom would bring people into my room to show them because she was always impressed as to my arrangements! (Gotta love mom). Soon I was re-arranging our family living room and then friend’s bedrooms. Design and Decorating was in my DNA.”

You can read more about Jennifer on her website: House of J Interiors 


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HMUA:  True Beauty Makeup Artistry

Styling: Walking My Runway

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