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Big Website Branding Mistakes

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Let’s be honest … when was the last time you went through your website with fresh eyes?

Made sure everything was working and really truly felt like you and your brand?

If it’s been a while, add that to your To Do list ASAP and consider the following mistakes I see so many people make all too often!

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1. It’s complicated and confusing
Here’s a good test: Have your grandmother navigate through your site and see if she finds it confusing or gets stuck anywhere. As painful as this might sound, it will be a really great eye opener for you! Make sure your site is easy to navigate. You are the one guiding people through the journey of your website, so it shouldn’t be confusing as to where to go next. Your navigation tabs at the top should be obvious. Don’t try to pretty it up and use cute and confusing names when all you’re saying is ‘testimonial’ or ‘contact me’. I’m a firm believer in being direct and clear! No guessing games!


2. There’s no picture of YOU!
If you’re in business today, people want to connect on a personal level. If you think about it, there are a ton of realtors, web designers, coaches, etc. So what makes you stand out? YOU! Your unique, authentic, original, one-of-a-kind badass self! Make sure people know who you are, what you look like and what you’re all about. This is done perfectly through images and words.


3. Inconsistent branding
Do you have more than three main colors on your site? What about several different type fonts? You want a clear, concise, and consistent branding message throughout your site. If your fonts are hard to read or there are so many colors going on it looks like a five year old scribbled allover your site, people are going to be distracted from your message, services or products. Make it clean and simple. Pick 2-3 main colors and fonts and stick with it. (I believe in you! You can do it!)


4. What the heck do you do anyway?
If it isn’t clear exactly what you do within the first few seconds of arriving on your home page that is big problem. Don’t beat around the bush with all this soft talk and helping people make money and live a better life and blah blah blah. I mean, include that as part of your brand and style, but at the end it should clearly say something like: Life Coach, Photographer, Nutritionist. Bam! Simple. To the point. No guessing.


5. How do I contact you?
This may seem like an obvious one, but it often gets overlooked. Make sure your ‘Contact’ tab is on each and every page of your website. And it should be clearly labeled as such (no cutesy words!). Make sure to include your phone number, location, and email (even if you have a contact form) as not everyone wants to fill out your contact form. They just want to reach you now!


Remember that often your website is your first ‘digital handshake’ and could mean gaining a new awesome client! So make sure your website is up to snuff and ready to rock!


PS. If you need some help and are interested in a website review, reply to this email – send an email  I’d love to help!

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