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Kaytlyn Beakhouse

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Professional Organizer Brand Photoshoot Edmonton

professional organizer brand photoshoot edmonton

Looking for inspo for a professional organizer brand photoshoot Edmonton? Take a peek at this recent photoshoot!

I had a super fun time doing a brand photoshoot for Kaytlyn Beakhouse, who’s a pro at keeping things organized. Kaytlyn owns Sort and Simple, a professional organizing company based in Edmonton. It’s no surprise that she was totally organized and ready for everything – she had everything in perfect order, like magic!

While the camera clicked, Kaytlyn was so full of energy, making the house look fantastic with her neat tricks. It was like her happiness for arranging things neatly spread to everything around. We laughed and had a great time while she showed off her organizing skills.


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Here’s a little more about Kaytlyn from her website:

“Kaytlyn is a professional organizer and decluttering coach based in Edmonton, Alberta. As the founder of Sort and Simple Professional Organizing, her mission is to transform lives by simplifying spaces.

​Her hope is to share her passion for organizing, decluttering and minimalism to enable others to improve their self-confidence and lifestyle. With the right supports, planning and some determination, Kaytlyn believes anyone can reach their organizing goals.”

Photographed in a lovely Cantiro show home.


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