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Tatum Neufeld

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Personal Branding Photographer Edmonton

personal branding photographer edmonton

Working with Tatum was such a dream! She is young, ambitious, and incredibly smart and powerful. I know she’s going to be a force to reckon with in the mortgage industry! Scroll down to read more about Tatum!


Here’s what Tatum said about her personal branding experience:

“I did my personal branding shoot with Christina and everything about it was amazing! From the planning of locations to match my brand, to always offering help with outfits when I had no clue what to wear, to the actual day of the shoot she was fantastic to work with! Christina’s creativity and passion really showed and she really cared to try to get the most and best possible pictures for my brand. I would definitely recommend!”


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Here’s more about Tatum from her website

“I have always been interested in the housing market, since I was a little girl I would visit show homes with my parents and was always excited for others to achieve their dream of owning a home and making it their own. Following my Bachelor of Commerce, the passion, interest and excitement for the housing market continued to grow, flourish and eventually transpired into becoming a Mortgage Associate.

By educating and sharing my knowledge of the mortgage products available, I can help potential homebuyers find the best mortgage tailored for their needs and make those first steps to buying a home. I take pride in providing high quality service, not just today, but building relationships beyond the sale for years to come.

The most rewarding part of my career is helping clients get into a place they come home to at night, their personal haven, a place to lay roots, start their families, let their relationships and careers flourish and somewhere they can be proud of. I am passionate, dedicated and committed to helping my clients achieve their goals.

When I am not with clients or keeping up to date with the latest mortgage trends, you can find me outdoors, wakesurfing, snowboarding, fishing, playing with my dog Lola or spending time at the cabin with my family.”


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