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5 must have branding images

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Personal Branding Images

Personal Branding Images

If you’re looking to stand out online and connect with your dream clients these are the 5 personal branding images you need to have!


1. Killer headshot

A great image of you looking right at the camera while smiling. When you look directly into the camera this is going to show confidence. Your smile is going to let them know that you’re friendly and easy to approach. You want this image to look like you’re having a conversation with a friend. You can make it casual by sitting on a couch, at a coffee shop, or whatever setting casual is to you.

2. Share a personal side

You definitely need an image that shows a more personal side of you. Think of the stories you tell that connect with your audience. This doesn’t have to be directly related to your business, but rather your personal life. Do you paint to relax? Have a dog that is the center of your Universe? Is meditation a key part of your morning routine? Brainstorm a few ideas and choose ones that will connect with your dream client. (Or just do them all!)

3. What it’s like to work with you

Show what it looks and feels like to work with you. If you’re a photographer, stage a photoshoot and get some images of you in action. If you’re a coach, show meeting with a client in person or over Zoom. This is a combination of showing what you literally do, as well as a behind-the-scenes peek of working with you. Show the interaction between you and your client and how much they enjoy working with you!

4. Show your personality

Think about your qualities and quirks that make you unique… and then show them off! Do you love dancing in your kitchen? Connecting with nature? Whether you’re bright and bubbly, or introverted and calm, show this. Your dream clients want to see what you’re like as a person. No props, just personality.

5. Details, details, details!

You’ll want to have a great detail shot of your tools of the trade. This could be typing on a laptop, your hands in prayer, drawing out designs with a pencil and ruler, cutting fresh veggies, holding a camera… the list is endless!


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