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Full-Year Branding

Full-Year Branding

Kay is an amazing alignment coach and also one of my beautiful full-year branding clients! For this photoshoot, her wonderful partner joined us! We had so much fun!! I loved watching them interact and cuddle up together. I mean, how cute are they?! Bringing someone important into your life into your brand photo shoot is something I highly recommend. This way people get a little glimpse into your personal life and can connect with you even more.

Edmonton Branding Session

Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Full-Year Branding

Branding Session Edmonton

Full-Year Branding

Full-Year Branding

Portrait Photography Edmonton

Portrait Photography Edmonton

Wedsite Branding Photos

Social Media Branding Edmonton

Full-Year Branding

Edmonton Branding Photographer

Loved Kay’s Full-Year Branding Session? Here’s a little bit more about Kay:

Kay is all about realizing your worth, value, and potential by tapping into the unconditional love of the universe (plus science-back strategies like mindset shifts). Life Coaching is still a new concept and almost everyone Kay works with has never had a coach or even thought about coaching!

So why would you sign up for coaching with Kay? You’ve done self-development but haven’t been consistently embodying what you’ve learnt. You know there’s a next level where every day is amazing and aligned but you can’t seem to get there. You deeply believe in becoming the best version of yourself and you’re ready to commit to your dreams 100%.

Your second question probably is, “So what happens in a coaching session”? Kay focuses on YOU! Your dreams. Your struggles. Your next available action steps. As a coach Kay holds the vision of your highest self so you are always moving in that direction, helps identify and dismantle blocks in your way, and holds a safe space for you to be who you are, so that you can confidently & genuinely show up on a consistent basis. Not to mention, celebrating and supporting your growth so you can live each day feeling confident, centred, and serene.

To follow Kay’s fabulous endeavours and learn more about her business check out her Instagram here.

All photographs were captured at The Photographer Studio in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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