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Ivana Locke

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Edmonton Nutritionist Branding Photographer

Edmonton Nutritionist Branding Photographer

Ivana is an vibrant, wonderful, passionate woman. Her branding photoshoot was so fun! Ivana came to me with a clear idea of her branding colors and vibe. She is very modern and obsessed with teal!! (Seriously … this woman has almost every kitchen gadget ever made in teal!) Thankfully her kitchen made for the perfect background for some of the images. I love how she had her daughter join in on the photoshoot, as she is one of the main reasons Ivana got into whole nutrition.

Here’s a little more about Ivana (from her website): “Nutrition and healthy living was not what I ever expected would be the focus of my life or my career. I came to this way of eating and living, and subsequently this career; when we learned that my daughter, at the age of seven, was having difficulty at school. She showed behaviours of attention deficit disorder, anxiety, vocal and motor tics, all of which were affecting her learning.As a loving wife and caring mother, this did not sit well with me. I wanted to get to the root cause of my family’s health issues and so, I started doing a ton of research. The root cause always came down to nutrition and lifestyle.” Read the rest of her story and check out the images ‘in action’ on her amazing website here.

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Ivana shared this about her personal branding photography experience:

“Christina was outstanding! She immediately understood what I was envisioning for the photographs for my website and made it all happen. I got exactly what I wanted! Her creativity and attention to detail was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and the photographs I received were perfect.”

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