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How committed are you?


When was the last time you considered your level of commitment?

I mean, really sat down and thought about it. Is there an area of your life or in your business that you aren’t getting the results you had hoped? Maybe it’s how committed you actually are!

I invite you to think about one area in your business or life and take a peek at the chart below.


The lowest level is ‘I don’t care’. Because, really, you can’t get any less committed than that!


The next level up is to Hope/Wish/Want. There is no action at this level. You’re just sitting around dreaming of the things you want hoping they’ll magically appear. (Trust me, I’ve done this!)



Moving up, we get to Try and Trying. At this level there is action and possible failure. Remember the quote “Do or do not. There is no try.” Quite applicable at this level! At this level if you think you might fail, will you actually go 100%? Probably not.

5 Levels of Commitment


The fourth level is Committed Unless/Until. This means you’re committed unless this or that happens, or you’re committed until it gets too hard or people stop supporting you.


And, lastly, the highest level is Committed WIT (Whatever It Takes). This is the highest level of commitment. 100% ALL IN.


Can you easily identify where you are with that one area of your life or business? Are you at the highest level, or are you still stuck in wishing and wanting or committed unless?


I’ve found this so useful lately. For example, my recent commitment to my health and exercise. When I find myself avoiding it or making excuses I’ll ask myself: How committed am I? Or, when actually doing the exercise I’ll say to myself out loud: 100% COMMITTED!!


I found this chart so incredibly handy that I made one for you to print off and use for yourself!


Tell me in the comments below what area of your business or life are you 100% committed whatever it takes!


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