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Viktoriya Finkbeiner | Spruce Grove Realtor Brand Photography

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Spruce Grove Realtor Brand Photography

Spruce Grove Realtor Brand Photography

Explore the unique Spruce Grove Realtor Brand Photography of Viktoriya, featuring local murals and a cozy coffee shop for creative inspiration in professional images.


For my latest photoshoot with Viktoriya, a dedicated realtor based in Spruce Grove, AB, we ventured into some unique and vibrant locations around the town. Viktoriya is one of my Full Year Brand Photography clients, enjoying four personalized one-hour photoshoots throughout the year. For this session, we aimed to capture her dynamic personality and connection to the local community by photographing her against the backdrop of Spruce Grove’s stunning murals and graffiti walls. These vivid, artistic settings added a splash of color and a modern edge to her professional branding images.

Our journey didn’t stop there; we also visited a charming local coffee shop, which provided a cozy and relatable setting for some candid and relaxed shots. Including local elements in your brand photoshoots not only highlights your community involvement but also adds a personal touch to your brand story. It’s a great reminder that stepping outside of the usual office environment can create refreshing and engaging visuals.

Trying something different, like exploring local hotspots, can really bring new life into your branding photos. It’s all about capturing the essence of who you are and where you work, making your photos stand out and resonate more with your audience.

So, don’t be afraid to get creative and showcase the unique aspects of your local area in your next photoshoot!


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