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Summer Brand Photo Inspiration Edmonton

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Summer Brand Photo Inspiration Edmonton

Looking for summer brand photo inspiration in Edmonton? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive into some fresh ideas to elevate your personal brand this season. Whether you’re planning a Full Day VIP Photoshoot or just looking to refresh your social media with a Brand Photography Power Session, I’ve got ideas that will make planning a breeze.
So, let’s dive into some outdoor photo ideas that’ll keep your brand looking fresh all season long. 😎


Summer Brand Photo Inspiration Edmonton
1. Shop at a Farmers’ Market
Outdoor farmers’ markets are a great way to show some of your fave weekend activities.


Summer Brand Photo Inspiration Edmonton
2. Gather your besties
Great friends make the world go round, so gather your biz besties, lifelong friends, or siblings and share some laughs.


Summer Brand Photo Inspiration Edmonton


3. Walk your pup
Dogs are part of the family, too, so don’t forget to include them in some pics!


brand photography ideas edmonton
4. Explore a new neighbourhood
There are always new, cool places to explore that will make you feel like you’re in a totally different city. They also make for a unique background!


Summer Brand Photo Inspiration Edmonton
5. Check out a patio
There’s nothing like enjoying your fave bevvie outside! Mix up those working-on-your-laptop-in-a-cafe pics and take your drink outside. ☀️
(Patio pictured is Iconoclast Coffee)


brand photoshoot inspo
6. Enjoy your fave frozen treat
Anyone who knows me, knows I love ice cream, so this had to be on the list. Remember that your images don’t always have to be stiff or working at a desk. Have some fun with it!
(Ice cream pictured is from Kind Ice Cream)


Summer Brand Photo Inspiration Edmonton
7. Explore nature
If you love the outdoors, then show that in your images! Go to one of your fave spots and show yourself walking, running, meditating… whatever you actually like doing in nature – show that!


Summer Brand Photo Inspiration Edmonton
8. Ride your bike
This is such a great ‘summer vibes’ picture. If you regularly hop on your bike during the summer, make sure to capture this in a pic or two!


sunset brand photography session
9. Get those golden vibes
If you want that soft, romantic or spiritual vibes in your images, make sure to schedule your photoshoot about one hour before the sun sets.


edmonton photographer
10. Play tourist
Hit up some of your city’s landmarks and play tourist for your photoshoot!


If those summer brand photo inspiration ideas got your creative juices flowing and you’re ready to book that photoshoot, get in touch here.

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