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Nicole Cowley

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Professional Brand Photographer Edmonton

Professional Brand Photographer Edmonton

It is always such a pleasure being Nicole’s professional brand photographer in Edmonton! For Nicole’s third photoshoot (out of 4) of her full year of brand photography, we really wanted to show some of her favorite things in life. She loves connecting in nature, moving her body, meditation, and her adorable dog! It’s so important to have brand images that show your lifestyle and some of the things you love to do on a regular basis. This is how your audience will connect with you! Your brand images should tell a story so people can see what you’re all about instantly. For your next brand photoshoot, I recommend coming up with at least 3 things that you love that aren’t part of your business!

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Brand photographer Edmonton

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Professional Brand Photographer Edmonton

Professional Brand Photographer Edmonton

personal branding Edmonton

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Professional Brand Photographer Edmonton

Professional Brand Photographer Edmonton

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Here is a little bit more about Nicole’s business journey from her website:

After University,  Nicole joined her family’s brick-and-mortar business and ran it alongside her dad for many years. Just before the birth of Nicole’s first child (her daughter Mackenzie), she made the very difficult decision with her father to leave their business of 60 years to become a stay-at-home mom. Soon after the closure, Nicole suffered from severe postpartum with a lot of depression and anxiety. It was during this time that she started her fitness journey as a way to help with her postpartum – increasing her movement and having more nutritious meals. The birth of Nicole’s second child (my son Carson) went much smoother but by this time her marriage was beginning to fall apart, her dad had become quite sick and she felt isolated and alone. Nicole continued to turn to dance and fitness as her way of relieving stress.

After Nicole’s marriage ended she had to start from scratch to figure out the best way to support her family while doing something that she loved. Rodan + Fields came into her life and quite literally saved her. Nicole’s family and friends rallied around her and supported this new endeavor. The community of women she found there was amazing and she began to see this as her starting point to her new life.

However, in 2017 her dad passed away. He was her hero and mentor and Nicole was devastated. She stayed with him almost every night in the hospital. He was truly one of the best men she had ever met. He had such respect for women and adored her mom. He ran the most amazing company and truly cared about his employees and clients. Nicole couldn’t believe she was going to have to do life without the only man that she knew truly loved her. He always instilled in Nicole to not give up and she knew she had a lot more to accomplish. She was not going to waste his faith in her and the life she wanted to live.

So Nicole put all her savings into going back to school to become a Personal Trainer. It was a steep learning curve not only on what she needed to know but on building her confidence again. Nicole decided she wanted to start her own company so she could truly help people live their most fulfilling lives in the healthiest way possible. Nicole researched as much as possible and then jumped in. She trained her first client for a year for FREE just to get the hang of it.

But then Nicole realized that the fitness aspect alone wasn’t enough to help people. Their mindset needed to shift in order for real change to happen. So back to school, she went again for her Health Coach and Life Coach certifications. Nicole began to develop programs for her clients which felt real and authentic – NO DEPRIVATION just real-life living.

Hair by the amazing Kelsey Sieb

Makeup by the also amazing True Beauty Makeup Artistry

Styling by the also also amazing Jennifer Clark

All photographs were captured in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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