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5 Things to Avoid When Preparing for Your Headshot

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Headshots aren’t just for models and actors anymore! A headshot, or professional portrait, is often the first introduction on your website, business cards and online profile. Avoid these 5 things to ensure you love the images that represent you and your unique brand.

1. Don’t wear clothing you’re not comfortable in – Do wear clothing that makes you feel great!
Your professional headshot should represent who you are – not who you think other people want you to be. The outfits you choose for your head shot should be appropriate for the profession you’re in, business you’re running, or job you’re applying for. Make sure the clothing fits you well, especially in the arms and shoulders, and compliments your skin tone. Totally clueless when it comes to fashion? Ask your closest friends to give you opinions, or bring them shopping with you. (What a great excuse to hang out with friends and do a little shopping!)

2. Don’t get your hair cut on the same day of the session – Do schedule it in advance!
Haircuts usually look the best a few days later, as it has time to settle and look more natural.  If you’re in need of a trim, I suggest seeing your hairdresser about one week before the session. That way, if something did go wrong or didn’t turn out how you’d like, you have time to fix it before the session.

3. Don’t hire a makeup artist you’ve never used before – Do find someone you trust!
Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to makeup. Don’t chance it with a makeup artist you’ve never used before or you risk not loving the way you look in the images.  If you don’t feel comfortable applying your own makeup, I suggest taking a makeup application lesson or go in for a trial run with a makeup artist before the day of your session.

4. Don’t skimp on sleep – Do rest up to avoid looking tired!
Sleep is SO important! Don’t show up looking tired or it will show in the images. Be sure to drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep before your session so you arrive looking fresh and well rested.

5. Don’t arrive unprepared – Do plan ahead!
Don’t wait until the last minute to pick out your clothes or decide which way to part your hair. Experiment with your hair and put together outfits a few days before the session. Pack some ‘essentials’ such as a hairbrush, hairspray, powder, etc. for touch ups during the session. When you arrive prepared and with a clear vision of what you want, the session will go smoothly and be a great experience.

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