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How To Incorporate Colors Into Personal Branding Photos

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Personal Branding Photoshoot Tips Edmonton



So you’ve picked out your brand colors, created a mood board and are planning your photoshoot.

Suddenly you’re thinking “How am I going to incorporate my brand colors into my images without it looking so obvious and cheesy?!!”


Don’t worry, girl. I gotchu!!


Having consistency throughout your entire brand is important. From your fonts, colors, icons, etc. it all matters! One thing we’re going to do when working together is have a 1-1 call and go over all the nitty gritty details. You do not need to come up with all of this on your own!

Before you pull your hair out stressin’ I want to share some examples of easy ways to incorporate your brand colors into your imagery.


1. Clothing.
This is an obvious one, and probably the first to come to mind. However it’s not the only way! (Keep reading to discover the rest!)

personal branding photoshoot tips edmonton


2.  Accessories.
Jewelry and even small clothing accents can be a great place to subtly incorporate color.

personal branding photoshoot tips edmonton


3. Props.
Don’t forget about your background! From mugs to kettles and stool to pens and everything in between, this is often overlooked!

personal branding photoshoot tips edmonton


4. Locations.
When I’m location scouting for your personal branding session I specifically look for spots that really have the feel you’re wanting to portray. And sometimes the location will have a wall or couch that perfectly match your brand colors!

personal branding photoshoot tips edmonton


See? Easy peasy – just like I promised!


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