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Edmonton Creative Personal Branding

Edmonton Creative Personal Branding

This Edmonton Creative Personal Branding session was extra special! Why? It was with my sweet friend Kierstin!  Kierstin and I met in a business program recently and became fast friends. Now I can’t imagine my life without her! She is extremely talented, heart-centred, smart and generous.  Plus, her and Wallace (her pup) are a package deal and I can’t get enough of either of them!

Edmonton Creative Personal Branding

In-Home Branding Session

Branding Session detail

Edmonton Creative Personal Branding

Edmonton Creative Personal Branding

Edmonton Entrepreneur

Edmonton Creative Personal Branding

Edmonton Creative Personal Branding

Edmonton Creative Personal BrandingEdmonton Interior Designer Headshots

Loved Kierstin’s Edmonton Creative Personal Branding session? More on Kierstin here from her website:

Kierstin wants you to love your home. Seriously. Her life’s mission is to put an end to settling for homes that make us uncomfortable, uninspired and sad, and replace them with spaces that light us up, bring our loved ones together, and help us create the life we’ve been dreaming of.

She knows it might sound cheesy or old-fashioned, but there’s a reason they say “home is where the heart is.” What that quote left off is the fact that our hearts need more than a roof and 4 walls to thrive. Trust me, she would know.

Kierstin spent so much of her life in a home that didn’t support her. And while she knew she was lucky to even have a safe and spacious place to live, Kierstin knew something was off. The space made her feel flat, on-edge, even claustrophobic. Everywhere she went, there were reminders that this house wasn’t the home Kierstin should be living in… the home she spent my life dreaming about.

Today, Kierstin has that home. The space that allows her to work, rest, play, grow, achieve, entertain, think, dream, and most importantly, love. Having a home like this has changed the way she spends her day and lives her life. And Kierstin wants everyone she meets to be able to have their own version of that. It’s why Kierstin became obsessed with interior design.

Hair by the amazing Kelsey Sieb

Makeup by the also amazing True Beauty Makeup Artistry

Notable mention:  Wallace (her dog)

All photographs captured in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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