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Katrina Lopez

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Realtor Branding Headshots Edmonton

realtor branding headshots edmonton

Katrina is a local Edmonton realtor with mega talent and passion! It was an absolute blast photographing this boss babe!
From her website:

“Her tenacity, positive attitude, and deep understanding in each client’s unique needs will accomplish all your real estate goals!

Katrina moved to Edmonton from QC, Philippines in 2007 and she has never felt more at home in Edmonton than anywhere else. Its vibrant and fun energy inspires her daily to create and give back to the community.

Her true passion lies in helping others whether big or small, and found that real estate fulfills that. Having the ability to guide her clients through the biggest investment of their lives and share her knowledge with them so they can make an informed decision is what excites her the most. Putting her clients’ best interest first and foremost and giving them peace of mind in the fun but often stressful process of home buying or selling is her number one priority.

Katrina is an avid explorer of Edmonton, finding local gems and events in her free time, and spends the rest of it staying active, and spoiling her rescue Cockapoo, Murdoch! ”

Find more information on her website here:

HMUA: True Beauty Makeup Artistry

Wardrobe Styling: Walking My Runway

realtor branding headshots edmontonrealtor branding headshots edmontonrealtor branding headshots edmontonrealtor personal branding edmontonpersonal branding photography edmontonrealtor branding headshots edmonton

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