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How often do I need to update my headshots?

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How often do I need to update my headshots? | Edmonton Headshots

Your professional headshot often makes the first impression to potential clients before meeting them in person. Therefore, your professional headshot should always be up to date. Think about it. When someone meets you in person for the first time after only seeing images of you online or in ads, do you want them to think “Wow, she looks about 20 years older!” or “He looks nothing like his ad!” Of course you don’t want to hear those things. I mean, really, who wants to look older?  When clients meet you for the first time, they want to feel like they already know you or at least know what you look like.

My suggestion would be to update your headshot about every 18 months. However, there are a couple exceptions to that rule. If you’ve changed your hair in a drastic way (new cut, color, etc), had a major change in weight, or for men, if you’ve decided to grow (or shave off) a little facial hair I wouldn’t wait until those 18 months rolled around again.

Go and take a peek at your image on your business card, online ads and your website. Do the images accurately represent how you look today? If not, let’s change that. Book a time to update your headshot today. Use it as an excuse to pamper yourself for a day! Get your hair and makeup done by someone you trust, and feel great about the images online or in ads that represent you and your unique brand.

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