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Edmonton Brand Portrait Photographer

Edmonton Brand Portrait Photographer

It is always such an honor to be Michelle’s Edmonton brand portrait photographer. Michelle helps her clients navigate and heal from trauma, so this photography session’s focus was on capturing the serious nature of her work. I absolutely loved the natural vibe of the studio and how it fits Michelle’s brand so well. Thank you again for bringing your beautiful energy to the shoot Michelle!

Edmonton Brand Portrait Photographer

Edmonton Life Coach Portraits

Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Edmonton Personal Branding

Personal Branding Edmonton

Edmonton Brand Portrait Photographer

Edmonton Brand Portrait Photographer

Personal Branding Photography Edmonton

Edmonton Brand Portrait Photographer

Lifestyle portrait photographer Edmonton

Edmonton Brand Portrait Photographer

In addition to being a certified life coach (CLC), spiritual coach (CSC), meditation teacher, mindful schools educator, and yoga instructor, Michelle has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education (B.Ed) and has taught a broad range of subjects including English, Drama, Yoga, and Mindfulness to adolescents at risk as well as teens with special needs. Presently, Michelle is deepening her practice and study of Buddhism through a Dharma Training Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in Woodacre, California. When she’s not engaged in the above activities, Michelle enjoys reading, writing, sketching, forest bathing, and traveling.

For as long as Michelle can remember, she has loved and been intrigued by people. Despite being born with a progressive life-threatening disease known as Cystic Fibrosis (CF) that affects my lungs, pancreas, kidneys, liver, and intestine, Michelle was an outgoing, happy-go-lucky, gregarious kid. Since childhood, she’s been fond of meeting, conversing with, and learning about others – connecting with her fellow human beings on a deep, soul level and hearing their stories, challenges, and aspirations has always inspired as well as sparked unimaginable joy in her. Michelle is awestruck by the sheer strength, capacity, and beauty of the human spirit, and she loves uplifting as well as empowering others to recognize and step into the astonishing radiance of their own being.

To learn more about Michelle’s incredible story and her coaching services check out:

All photographs captured at Hey You Studio in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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