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DeeAnn Hotte

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Edmonton Brand Photoshoot

It’s always such a pleasure doing an Edmonton brand photoshoot with DeeAnn. I know I’m probably not supposed to say this, but DeeAnn is one of my very favorite clients! We’ve worked together so often that when I showed up to this photoshoot, she hadn’t given me any prior direction and when I showed up she said “I know you’ll get what I need.” That’s what I strive towards. My clients trusting me wholeheartedly. Really, by the end of the brand photoshoot, we’ll be laughing and it will feel like you’re just hanging out with friends. Being photographed *can* be fun! I met DeeAnn years ago when she was changing careers and becoming a realtor. She is now always so busy and her business is thriving!

Edmonton Brand Photoshoot

Personal branding Edmonton

Edmonton Brand Photoshoot

Realestate photography Edmonton

Alberta branding photographer

Edmonton headshot photographer

Edmonton Brand Photoshoot

Branding Session Edmonton

Alberta brand photographer

Personal Branding Edmonton

Edmonton Realestate Photographer

Edmonton Brand Photoshoot

Edmonton Brand Photoshoot

Realestate Photographer Edmonton

Loved DeeAnn’s Edmonton Brand Photoshoot? More on DeeAnn here from her website:

In February of 2019, DeeAnn joined the Loader Real Estate Group to align with agents who ranked in Edmonton’s top 5%. Being part of a tight-knit, experienced team provides clients with high-quality services that bring real value to every transaction. The team coordinates their resources to work with clients towards a common goal. DeeAnn’s clients have described her as being professional, dedicated, insightful, hardworking, genuine, sincere, and honest.

When DeeAnn is not negotiating on her client’s behalf or showing homes, you can find her spending time with family and friends. She enjoys traveling to find sun, sand, and her next scuba diving adventure or walking the many paths of her community with her husband Dwayne and dog Carlton. Or making the trip to visit her daughter who is finishing her Magnetic Resonance practicum in Calgary.

Styling by the amazing Jennifer Clark

Makeup by the also amazing True Beauty Makeup Artistry

All photographs were captured in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta.

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