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DIY Visual Brand Makeover

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DIY Visual Brand Makeover

6 Tips to transform your brand and attract dream clients

DIY Visual Brand Makeover

The visual brand struggle is real!

When you’re juggling 173 different tasks each day as an entrepreneur, it’s not that easy to maintain the perfect Instagram feed or make sure your website, business card and brochures all look a million bucks. Which is why we either end up choosing to neglect it, or start considering hiring an overpriced designer. As a visual brand mentor, I am thrilled to guide you through the exciting journey of giving your brand a high-end makeover. Below, I share 6 essential tips that will empower you to transform your visual brand, attracting premium clients who recognize you as the expert they’ve been searching for.


1. Know Your Ideal Client:

Embarking on a visual brand makeover begins with understanding your audience. Picture your ideal client – their preferences, values, and challenges. This knowledge will lay the foundation for a brand that resonates deeply and connects effortlessly with those you want to serve.

2. Craft Your Own Brand Guide:

Imagine having a roadmap that perfectly aligns every visual element of your brand. That’s what a brand guide does! Choose fonts and colors that reflect your unique personality, and outline guidelines for logo usage, imagery, and tone of voice. This guide ensures consistency, making your brand instantly recognizable.

3. Design a Standout Logo:

Your logo is the face of your brand. Let’s create one that encapsulates your essence. Keep it simple and versatile – a logo that shines on a business card, website, or social media profile. It’s your brand’s visual ambassador, making a memorable first impression. There are many places to create or purchase a template for a logo. For example: Canva, Etsy, Creative Market, or hire a local graphic designer.

4. Embrace Consistency:

Consistency is the secret sauce to a successful visual brand. Create templates in Canva that maintain a consistent look across various platforms. Whether it’s social media graphics or email newsletters, uniformity builds trust and credibility, setting you apart in a competitive market.

5. Optimize for Your Online Presence:

In our digital age, a strong online presence is non-negotiable. Ensure your website, social media profiles, and email campaigns align seamlessly with your brand guidelines. Your brand should shine just as brightly online as it does in person.

6. Tell Your Unique Brand Story:

Your brand has a story – let’s tell it visually! Showcase the journey, values, and mission behind your business through compelling visual elements. People connect with stories, and by sharing yours, you’re not just a brand – you’re a relatable and trustworthy presence.


Embarking on a DIY visual brand makeover can be exciting and fun, if you dedicate the time and energy to it. By understanding your ideal client, creating a comprehensive brand guide, designing a standout logo, embracing consistency, optimizing for online platforms, and telling your unique brand story, you’re not just revamping visuals – you’re creating an irresistible brand presence. Trust in the process, and soon, you’ll attract premium clients who recognize you as the expert they’ve been searching for.


If your head is spinning and you need some help with a DIY visual brand makeover, I am happy to help! You could book a Brandspiration Session (60 minutes of laser focused attention on your visual brand) or apply for the Visual Brand Intensive (a 6 week 1:1 intensive combining the coaching, strategy and resources you need to level-up your visual brand without having to hire an expensive designer).


If you have any questions about these, or any other offers I have, reach out here!

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