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Kassy Draper | Branding Photography Edmonton

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Branding Photography Edmonton

Branding Photography Edmonton

If you want to see some FUN branding photography done in Edmonton, you’ll definitely want to keep scrolling and take a peek!

Say hello to Kassy, the realtor extraordinaire! 🏡✨ Behind those dazzling listings is a woman who made our photoshoot as breezy as an open house on a sunny day. From her infectious laughter to effortlessly striking that perfect pose, working with Kassy was like capturing the essence of joy in every click of the camera. She turned the ordinary into extraordinary, just like she transforms houses into homes. So, whether she’s holding the keys to a new property or stealing the show in front of the lens, Kassy is the epitome of fun, flair, and fabulous real estate finesse!

If you want to learn more about Kassy, definitely check her out on Instagram

Branding Photography Edmonton Branding Photography Edmonton Branding Photography Edmonton

Having photographed numerous realtors, including the fabulous Kassy, it’s heartening to witness the industry recognizing the power of investing in a visual brand. A brand photoshoot isn’t just a snapshot in time; it’s a strategic move to carve out a unique identity in a crowded market. In a realm where first impressions matter, these images aren’t just a collection of smiles and poses; they’re a visual testament to dedication, expertise, and the art of making dreams come true.

Here’s to the realtors who understand that investing in their visual story isn’t just a choice; it’s a step toward becoming the unmistakable star in their real estate narrative!


All photographs taken in a gorgeous Pacesetter Home in St.Albert, Alberta.

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