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Shari Kubinec Smith

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Branding Lifestyle Photography

Branding Lifestyle Photography

This branding lifestyle photography session was so much fun! Shari and I had such a lovely afternoon together connecting and getting creative. Shari’s shoot took place in her Edmonton, AB home, and let me tell you – it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I couldn’t have dreamed up a better location. Shari is an inspiring writer, motivational speaker, and life coach. This woman does it all!

I feel so lucky to have a job that allows me to connect with so many amazing individuals! Thank you again Shari for an incredible branding session!

Edmonton Personal Branding

Branding Lifestyle Photography

Life coach headshots Edmonton

Personal brand photographer Edmonton

Branding Lifestyle Photography

Branding Lifestyle Photography

Personal brand photographer Edmonton

Branding Lifestyle Photography

life coach headshots Edmonton

A little bit more about the amazing Shari from her social media:

“After 16 years in the Leadership Development space, one of the things closest to Shari’s heart is intelligent, successful women who are struggling in their personal lives. These women are saying things like, “What is wrong with me?! I have 30 people reporting to me but I can’t get my home life in order?” or “When I got together with this guy after my divorce, I thought he was different. Now I feel stuck again and I don’t know what to do.”

Shari empathizes with these questions because it was her at one point and she knows the emotional, professional, and financial costs of unhealthy relationships. After going through these hardships herself, she hopes to help fellow women facing similar challenges.

Shari understands the feeling of having done the therapy, read the books, and attended the retreats, but still going to bed feeling confused about what to do. Or even feeling lonely or generally unappreciated. This is why Shari has found her calling creating both private and group coaching programs. These programs help women at this point in their lives find transformation and confidence again.”

All photographs captured in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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