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Nicolle Wilhauk

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Alberta Personal Branding Photographer

Alberta Personal Branding Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nicolle in the past when she had an event business. I’m so honoured she chose me to be her Alberta Personal Branding Photographer for this new joint venture with Sobriety Systems Canada. Nicolle is so fun to photograph, and her photoshoots are always a ton of fun and full of laughter! Thank you again Nicolle!

Edmonton Branding Photographer

Alberta Personal Branding Photographer

Brand Photography Session Edmonton

Alberta Personal Branding Photographer

Alberta Personal Branding Photographer

Personal Brand Photographer Edmonton

Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Personal Branding Edmonton

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Edmonton Portrait Photographer

Personal Brand Photographer

A little bit more about the amazing Nicolle from her website:

“After a successful 5-year career in Wedding and Event Planning, Nicolle knew that she needed to find more purpose in her life. Although she had amazing clients and received great accolades, she was getting burnt out and lost that fulfillment she once had.  Working with people has always been a passion for her but finding a more meaningful way to help others was the path she desired.

Meanwhile she was making massive changes in her life by taking care of her mind, body and spirit. During this transformational shift, she made the life altering decision to quit drinking alcohol. Dealing with her own personal struggles with alcoholism while watching family members struggle, and also die from alcoholism, she knew that a sober life was the best decision for her.

Easy to talk to, outgoing and a happy demeanour, plus an entrepreneurial spirit, Nicolle is a true example of how sobriety can positively change your life! She knows what you are going through and can relate will all the worries you have. Running this business is the perfect fit for her, and she is very excited to work with other people who want to live a fulfilled and sober life! If this reformed drunken party girl can do it, so can you!”

Makeup by the also amazing True Beauty Makeup Artistry

All photographs captured in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

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