8 Ways To Support A Photographer Right Now⁠

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8 Ways To Support A Photographer Right Now


During this time, are you looking for 8 ways to support a photographer right now? I’ve come up with easy (and mostly free) ideas!

  1. Comment and like their posts⁠

    If you see your favorite photographer posting images of their work, stop and take a few seconds to like it and comment on it.⁠
  2. Share their posts⁠

    Take step one to another level and share their posts to friends and in stories.⁠
  3. Leave a review⁠

    Have you worked with a photographer in the past year or two? Write a review and post it on FB, IG, and Google. This will definitely be appreciated!⁠
  4. Buy a gift certificate for future photoshoots⁠

    Photographers (like all business owners) are doing whatever they can to make ends meet during this time. Many are offering gift certificates (maybe even at a special rate) for future photoshoots. ⁠
  5. Buy products⁠

    Does your favorite photographer sell things like prints and albums? Now is the time to (finally) print out some of your favorite memories captured.⁠
  6. Post their work and tag them⁠

    Remember that favorite photo of yours that you made your profile picture? Create a post about how much you love it and tag your photographer!⁠
  7. Check out their other offerings⁠

    Is your favorite photographer offering online courses and workshops during this time? Check them out and share with friends and family, or consider taking them yourself!⁠
  8. Don’t just cancel, reschedule⁠

    If you already had a photoshoot lined up, please don’t cancel it. Reschedule. They still really want to photograph you!⁠

If you want to check out a cute video I made regarding ways to support a photographer right now, check it out here.


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