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6 Brand Photoshoot Location Ideas

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6 brand photoshoot location ideas for your next session


If you’re feeling stumped as to what background you should choose for your next brand photoshoot, this list is for you!

Below I’m sharing 6 brand photoshoot location ideas for your next session.


brand photoshoot location ideas

1. Studio

A studio can provide a blank canvas for you to create in, which works great for simple images. Often studios will have various props available like chairs, stools, rugs, etc. that come in handy.
Be sure to check online before booking, as some studios change their setup seasonally.




brand photoshoot location ideas

2. Home
This could be a show home, a friend’s home, or your own home! Homes make for a great location for lifestyle branding images. Plus, you can get a lot of different looks in one place! Make sure to choose a home that matches your brand vibe and has lots of big windows to allow for natural light to come in.




brand photoshoot location ideas

3. Cafe/Restaurant

Support a local business during your brand photoshoot! Whether it’s your neighbourhood coffee shop that makes the best lattes, or a cute restaurant that serves your fave cocktail, feature it at your next session. This is a great way to tell a story through your images by showing your love for supporting local, sharing your favorite place to work, or connecting with your audience over your go-to drink of choice!



brand photoshoot location ideas

4. Urban Setting
Channel those urban vibes and head downtown! Often the outside of buildings are overlooked, but they can make for a great setting for a brand photoshoot. You could look for a brick wall, glass building, graffiti wall, or even concrete in a back alley.




brand photoshoot location ideas

5. Farmers’ Market

Whether it’s a weekend ritual, or part of a business activity, a Farmers’ Market is a great place for a brand photoshoot. Shop for fresh fruit and veggies if you’re in the health and wellness industry, or wander through all the local vendors if you’re a location-specific business and want to show off your city/neighbourhood.



brand photoshoot location ideas

6. Nature

Get outdoors! Show your love of nature by… getting in nature! You could go for a casual walk in a cute dress, lace up your hiking boots to show your love of adventure, or get your workout gear on!


If those location ideas got your creative juices flowing and ideas just bursting out of your head for your next brand photoshoot, let’s connect!

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