Give your visual brand a high-end makeover so you can attract premium clients who immediately see you as the                they need.




visual brand mentoring for entrepreneurs

👉Any time you sit down to customize a template in Canva, suddenly 3 hours have passed and you still haven’t published that post.

👉When you go to share your website with someone, you cringe and think “What are they going to think when they see it?!”

👉You feel confident in the work you’re doing, but not confident in how you're showing up online.

👉You know you’re supposed to use colors and fonts consistently, but putting that into practice has turned out to be a lot tougher than you realized.

👉You’re not sure another course can help you. But you wish someone would just guide you. You have an idea in your head of what you want your brand to look like, but you don’t know how to make it a reality.

👉You’re curious about brand photos, but you’re not sure what photos you need, WTF to do with your hands (hello, how do I pose?!) and NO idea where to even begin planning a photoshoot.

Does this sound like you?


The visual brand struggle is real!

When you're juggling 173 different tasks each day as an entrepreneur, it's not that easy to maintain the perfect Instagram feed or make sure your website, business card and brochures all look a million bucks. Which is why we either end up choosing to neglect it, or start considering hiring an overpriced designer.

But, good news! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing!

Before you make any rash decisions like deactivating your IG account or spending thousands of dollars on a new brand identity, I want to throw another idea your way.

You're not alone


"I've already gotten hundreds of more followers and more business from my Insta now that my visual brand is on point."

"My feed was not cute! I had no brand direction and I was getting zero business from my socials. Now I feel like I have a drag and drop template in terms of the style of my feed that takes the guesswork out of posting. I've already gotten hundreds of more followers and more importantly, business from my Instagram now that my visual brand is on point."

— katie crawford

Dream with me for a minute...


Imagine how it would feel to scroll your own Instagram feed to see beautiful, consistent graphics that make you look like an expert.

Sharing your website with a potential client, knowing it completely reflects your professionalism, expertise and personality.

Opening up Canva to create your posts for the week in minutes (not hours!) so you can show up consistently & get found by future clients.

And having more freedom to spend time with loved ones because you raised your prices and don’t have to overbook yourself.

Good news: this doesn’t have to be a dream!

This is what’s possible when you have a cohesive visual brand that’s designed to reflect the real you and appeal to the kind of clients who truly see your value.

A 6 week 1:1 intensive combining the strategy, training and customized resources you need to level-up your visual brand and start showing up with more consistency and intention so you’re attracting the perfect-fit clients who need your help.

This isn’t about giving your visuals a superficial makeover. It’s about ensuring that your brand reflects the true value of what you do and appeals to the kinds of clients who are prepared to pay for it.

And it’s about giving you the confidence you need to use social media like a business so you can turn your followers into clients – while spending less time than ever creating your content!

The Visual Brand Intensive



"the Visual Brand Intensive is definitely the best investment I have made for my business"

"I had an idea in my head but didn’t know how to get it out for a cohesive brand look. I wanted a better social media presence but didn't feel I was ready to pay someone else to do it for me. Doing the Visual Brand Intensive is definitely the best investment I have made for my business in 2022. The process gave me a lot of clarity of who I am and how I want to show up plus it doesn't take me as long to create social media posts. This was key and has been tremendously helpful for me allotting time in my day to get my content done."

— Jacqueline Green

To ensure your visuals are cohesive, authentic and appealing to your ideal client, we’ll start by getting clear on your audience, your offer and you. Identifying the gap between what you’re currently putting out there and how you want to be perceived.

Then we turn that into your new and improved visual guidelines which will work as the “compass” for your brand as we tweak the rest of your visual presence.

This looks like:

✅ Clarity on who it is you actually want to work with so that your visuals are attracting the right people

✅ Complete visual brand audit of your website & social profiles so that we make sure you’re showing up consistently everywhere online

✅ Feedback of brand colors & fonts to help look high end so that clients see you and immediately think “OMG they look so pro!”

✅ Brand board to easily refer back to so that creating consistent visuals is easy peasy!

Here's what you'll walk away with

Visual Brand Foundations


This is no one size fits all program. You're going to have me holding your hand as we walk through the key areas of my framework: 1. Visual Brand Foundations, 2. DIY Essentials and 3. Photoshoot Creative Direction. Most importantly, you’ll have my eyes, ears, brain and even hands on your visual brand so that by the end of our time together, you’ll feel confident AF sharing your website and showing up on social.

Now we’ve got those foundations in place, the next step is to create templates that reflect your refreshed visual brand both for consistency’s sake - but also to save you countless hours in your content creation process. This will take all the guesswork out of what to share and how to share it in order to stop the scroll and attract your dream clients on social.

This part of the process includes:

✅ Sourcing pre-made Canva templates (if needed) that are in alignment with your new aesthetic

✅ Me customizing those templates or creating some from scratch so you have a library of ready-to-use, on-brand graphics

✅ Your Canva account organized & set up with Brand Kit as well as folder structure so you can find everything you need (no more excuses!)

✅ Lifetime access to my Canva mini course full of short, easily digestible video trainings to refer back to over and over again

DIY Essentials

No more hiding behind stock photos or old headshots – a levelled up visual identity means it’s also time for you to show your face and infuse more of your personality into your brand. We’re going to do this by planning out your next (or first!) personal branding photoshoot complete with creative direction (the overall “vibe”) and a detailed shoot plan so you know exactly what you need to get those scroll-stopping shots.

In a nutshell, here’s what to expect:

✅ Photoshoot Pinterest mood board creation to help create the vision & vibe for your shoot plus an in-depth questionnaire before we get to the planning phase

✅ Complete custom plan for your next brand photoshoot including shot list essentials, outfit recommendations, props you need and more

✅ Posing guide so you know WTF to do in front of the camera (plus some personalized tips to help with your confidence on the day)

✅ Bonus resources including photoshoot planning workbook, post-photoshoot checklist & guide on how to find the perfect-for-you brand photog in your area to save time and make the search easier

Photoshoot Creative Direction

But it’s not about making pretty stuff for pretty’s sake. I truly believe that when you have a gorgeous brand that embodies your personality and communicates your value, you’re more likely to attract your dream clients that want to pay you what you’re worth.

Whether it’s that perfect brand photo that shines a spotlight on all of that unique awesomeness you’ve been hiding, or designing a cohesive Instagram aesthetic that helps your followers know who’s posting even before they see your name… I’m here to help.


Oh, alright. It’s a full-blown obsession.

Oh, hey!
I'm Christina

This is for you if:

You are a service-based business owner who considers themselves to be a personal brand

You’re not ready to invest in a full brand identity, but know that you can’t just keep DIY-ing it if you want to up-level your biz

You feel confident in the high quality service you deliver your clients, but you know that your current visuals don’t match and aren’t attracting the premium, next level clients

You feel like you’d be able to show up with more confidence online if you just had someone who could guide you and provide feedback on how to refine your visual brand to look more high end

You’ve been using the same DIY-ed visuals for a while now and know that they don’t reflect your true personality

You know that you aren’t charging enough, but your visuals are holding you back from increasing your rates

You’re brand new to business and haven’t even set up social profiles yet

You want a complete done-for-you service (While I’m going to give you templates and training, the goal is that you can become more self sufficient with your visual branding)

You’re just looking for content strategy (We’re going to be focusing on all the visual elements and how to tie them into your content, but we aren’t talking about content ideas)

A high ticket investment is going to keep you up at night, panicking and stressed, now is not the right time for this

Don’t know exactly which service(s) you want to specialize in and still trying to figure it out (we’re going to get straight to work on the visuals)

Aren’t ready to take action and dedicate the 12+ hours required to show up to the calls and implement what you learn

It's probably not for you if...

"... I feel much more confident putting myself out there ..."

"Before the VBI I was confused and overwhelmed trying to create my visual brand. I loved the idea of someone taking care of all the visuals for me, removing the overwhelm of "millions of options". The final product is also absolutely amazing, and I couldn't be happier.

During my time working with Christina, I was able to niche down even further for my ideal client. The post templates she created were spot on for the image I was hoping to project, and now I'm not searching through Canva trying to find what feels like me and what will speak to my client.

Now I barely have to think when creating my social media posts, and I feel much more confident putting myself out there as I feel like the vibe/image from my photos are absolute perfection. From a financial perspective, the VBI was worth every penny."


Here's how it'll go down

Fill out the application using the button below so I can get to know a little more about you and the vision you have for your brand.


If your application has been accepted, we'll have a chat and see if we're on the same page.


If we've decided it's a match made in heaven, we'll pick a date to get started and you'll receive an invoice to secure a spot.



Your life before the visual brand intensive

Overwhelmed with all the options and have no idea where to start

Embarrassed by your inconsistent branding, which makes you avoid showing up on social altogether

Wasting money on templates you don’t even know how to use

Struggling to raise your prices because your visuals don’t match the quality of your services

Spending hours looking for the perfect brand colors only to give up out of frustration

Lacking clarity on who you actually want to work with

Feeling jealous and comparing your visuals to other people on social who make it look so easy and effortless

Feeling confident showing up on social knowing exactly who you want to attract

Navigating Canva like a pro and creating posts in minutes

Feeling confident hitting ‘post’ knowing your visual brand is authentic to you

Standing out online because you’re not using the same trendy colors and fonts as everyone else

Sharing your website and social links with pride knowing that they’re consistent, high end, and really represent you

Gaining recognition and creating more conversation, which turn into leads and an increase in cash flow

Helping people who are aligned to you and creating impact for others

Your life after the visual
brand intensive

"My business is now set up for massive success."

— Nicole Wilhauk

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